New Members


Our senior members are aged 18 or above and everyone is welcome to come along and try us out free for four calendar weeks before joining. We cater for abilities with 10k times ranging from 32 to 70 minutes (and everything in between). Members are split into packs according to ability so that everyone is running with someone else about their own pace. All we ask, for safety reasons, is that you can run continuously for at least 60 minutes.

Our main senior training sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays although there are training sessions on other days.  You can read more about our senior training here and see detailed training schedules here.

Our membership fees can be found on existing members page and new members can join online.  Fees for new members shall decrease quarterly on a pro-rata basis from the start of the membership year. Quarters start: 1st May, 1st August1st November1st February.

You can contact us via any of the links on the Contact Us section. Otherwise, head along to a training session, look out for people wearing ‘Garscube Harriers’ or ‘Coach’ tops and introduce yourself.


Junior sessions are open to those 9 years and over and are designed to develop pace, speed, sprinting and racing skills.

Garscube is a club mark accredited club and prides itself on the quality of coaching it provides to our junior athletes. The club offers a fun range of events and the sessions are tailored to specific events from track and field to road running and cross country.  Our aim when young members join the club is to allow young athletes to experience the range of athletic events, hopefully leading to them specialising in one area. During this process they will be educated about the different areas involved in getting the best out of a training session.

Our main junior training sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays although there are training sessions on other days.  You can read more about our junior training here.

Our membership fees can be found on the this page

We will encourage all our young athletes to enter races over both the winter and summer schedules taking in both Track and Cross Country events leading up to National Competitions.  All of our Junior athletes train in packs of similar abilities and the aim is to allow them to progress through the packs to the Elite packs and eventually to integrate into the senior training sessions.

Potential new Senior members are invited to come along and try sessions for up to four calendar weeks before making a full commitment. You won’t be disappointed. Juniors should complete a membership form and bring along to your first session. 

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are a friendly bunch and we’d love to see you at the club.