Summer League Event 4 – Polaroid 10K Dumbarton

48 Harriers were out in force at the Polaroid 10K race in Dumbarton which doubled as our club’s 10K Championships. And the 4th event in our Summer League. Congrats to our club 10k Champs – Lesley Chisholm #winner# and Del Young.  Lesley was also 2nd F overall, and 1st VF40. Alex Chisholm was 1st MV60 #winner#  and Paul O’Brien 2nd MV60 with Ann White taking another win in FV60 category!

It was 3 wins in a row for the ladies with Lesley, Nicola Adam-Hendry and France Wardle being top 3.  Del, Donald McPartlin and Garry Mathew also picked up 2nd men’s team.

5th  Del Young 00:32:34
7th Donald Mcpartlin 00:33:26 PB
8th Garry MATHEW 00:33:36
21st Neal ROBERTSON 00:34:52
29th Steven Currie 00:35:10
31st FINLAY FINLAY 00:35:24
40th DANIEL BURNS 00:35:57
45th Craig Shields 00:36:19
50th Lesley CHISHOLM 00:36:33
67th Paul MCMAHON 00:37:13
73rd Alexander CHISHOLM 00:37:27
78th Rob BAKER 00:37:43
83rd Ian THOMSON 00:38:00
88th JOHN MURRAY 00:38:26
90th PAUL O’BRIEN 00:38:20
99th Patrick GIBBONS 00:38:57
105th Nicholas PARKER 00:39:14 PB
107th ROBBIE DRUMMOND 00:39:07
110th Nicola ADAMS-HENDRY  00:39:17 PB
113th David CAMPBELL 00:39:28
147th Paul Cooke 00:40:18 PB
151st Frances WARDLE 00:40:39 PB
158th Ross MCMILLAN 00:40:52 PB
176th Ade KEARNS 00:41:40 PB
177th Norman BAILLIE 00:41:52
179th Craig MARSDEN 00:41:37 PB
202nd James COOPER 00:42:33 PB
204th Peter SCOTT 00:42:29 PB
210th Alexander PARKER 00:42:55
256th Stefan KUHR 00:44:20
269th Ann White 00:44:50
271st Katie White 00:44:48
277th ALISON WOOD  00:45:06 PB
289th David HAMILL 00:45:13
305th ALLAN JENKINS 00:45:41
309th Steve WILSON 00:45:50
320th Fiona MAURER 00:46:10
324th Fiona MARTIN 00:46:10
325th  PAUL COIA 00:46:18
369th IAIN PEERS 00:47:15
374th MORAG CASEY 00:48:01
428th Amy Cromarty 00:49:12 PB
435th FRANK KRIEVS 00:49:57
467th Ann BOAL 00:50:31
503rd Mary COX 00:51:32
570th STUART IRVINE 00:53:38
699th RAGHBIR SINGH 00:59:30

Full Results available