Summer League Event 3 – Polaroid Clydebank 10K

38 Harriers donned the blue & white  for the Polaroid 10K in Clydebank.  Another cracking run by Katie White for 2nd F overall.  Mary Senior  took 2nd FV40, Paul O’Brien  1st MV60, Alex Parker #winner# 3rd MV60, Ann White  1st FV60! In the Junior category, Cody Stevenson  was 3rd Male and Lucie Stevenson was 3rd Female! Both the men’s and women’s teams took first place with Katie White, Nicola Adams-Hendry & Mary Senior and Del Young, Garry Mathew & Alan Blair as top 3 counters.

For the Summer League, this event is handiapped.  Full results inc handicapped results to follow.

Scratch Results:

7th      Del Young 00:32:30 PB
13th    Garry MATHEW 00:34:16
16th    Alan BLAIR 00:34:32
29th    Craig Shields 00:35:26 PB
35th    Steven Currie 00:35:40
36th    Katie White 00:35:38 PB
39th    FINLAY FINLAY 00:35:57 PB
77th    Cody STEVENSON 00:38:01
84th    JOHN MURRAY 00:38:31
91st    PAUL O’BRIEN 00:38:41
119th Nicholas PARKER 00:39:40 PB
125th Patrick GIBBONS 00:39:51
130th Andre ALEXANDER 00:39:40
137th Nicola ADAMS-HENDRY 00:40:06
140th David CAMPBELL 00:40:01
163rd MARY SENIOR 00:40:48 PB
169th Craig Brown 00:40:50
185th Frances WARDLE 00:41:30
206th Craig MARSDEN 00:41:59 PB
212th Ade KEARNS 00:42:08
213th Alexander PARKER 00:42:15
218th Ross MCMILLAN 00:42:48
251st  Ann White 00:43:53 PB
265th Peter SCOTT 00:44:00 PB
291st  James COOPER 00:44:56
301st  Stefan KUHR 00:44:48
310th David HAMILL 00:45:21
342nd PETER DOW 00:46:01
350th ALISON WOOD 00:46:10
359th David GEDDES 00:45:59
382nd ALLAN JENKINS 00:46:45
396th Fiona MAURER 00:47:10
427th TARIQ ABDULLAH 00:48:14
470th MORAG CASEY 00:49:28
492nd  Amy Cromarty 00:50:03 PB
510th Alison Condie 00:50:39
520th FRANK KRIEVS 00:51:03
540th Mary COX 00:51:38
588th STUART IRVINE 00:53:40
598th Lucie STEVENSON 00:53:48
729th RAGHBIR SINGH 01:00:53