RESULTS: Summer League Event #6 – Shettleston 10k, 28 May 2017

The 6th event of our Summer League was the Babcock Series Shettleston 10k (actually at Glasgow Green…)  This is a new race to the scene and is fast & flat with a change from the mid week evening races in the rest of the Babcock Series .  We had 20 Harriers racing and secured a wee haul of prizes!  It looks like Katie White’s recovery from the London Marathon is going very smoothly with a 2nd place in the Women’s Race in a time of 36:06.  We also won 2nd place Team prizes in both the women’s (Katie White, Aileen Wilson & Martha Lovatt) and the men’s (Garry Mathew, David Lindsay & Craig Shields) and three age-category prizes  – David Lindsay (2nd MV40), Paul O’Brien (3rd MV60) & Stuart Irvine (2nd MV70).

Remember to let Morag know if you have secured a PB – extra points for the all important Summer League!

Full Results

Garry Mathew (10th) –  00:33:56
David Lindsay (14th, 2nd MV40) –  00:34:21
Craig Shields (23rd) – 00:35:59
Katie White (25th, 2nd F) –  00:36:06
Simon Sheridan (35th) –  00:36:36
Daniel Burns (45th)  – 00:37:20
David Campbell (79th)  – 00:40:52
Craig Marsden (89th)  – 00:41:27 *PB*
Jim McAneny (91st)  – 00:41:38
Kieran McLaughlin – (98th) 00:42:04
Aileen Wilson (113th, 5th F)  – 00:43:34
Paul O’Brien (114th, 3rd MV60)  – 00:43:39
Martha Lovatt (155th, 16th F)  – 00:46:04
Barbara Anderson (170th, 18th F) –  00:46:58
Stephen Wilson (174th) –  00:47:04
John McLaughlin (182nd) –  00:48:13
Laura Gray (184th, 20th F) –  00:48:20
James Boyle (198th) –   00:49:32
David Geddes (204th) –   00:50:34
Stuart Irvine (267th, 2nd MV70)  – 00:57:36