NEW! Seniors COVID 19 Autumn-Winter Virtual Training Plan

Following the success of our previous 12 week virtual training schedule, we are delighted to release another virtual plan designed to take your training towards Winter.  The programme builds on the coaches’ learning of developing this new type of training, and has responded to feedback from athletes.  It is focused on improving 5km race times, but is also useful for athletes targeting other distances, to improve leg speed and aerobic endurance. The plan is divided into 2 training blocks with a timed run goal at week 6 and 12.

We can help you to train smarter .  The plan allows you to train solo but still get the support from club mates and coaches. Please feel free to share with friends and family, but please adhere to the latest government advice while training.  The schedule will be accompanied by videos from the coaches with more information about the sessions.  New Members can join FOR FREE to access the online coaching videos via this link

If you want to contact any of the coaches just drop us an e-mail, text or message on facebook.

Happy running, stay safe and hopefully we’ll all be training together again in the not too distant future.