Complaints Procedures

Garscube Harriers Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this policy is to explain to members how to raise complaints about the club and how these complaints will be dealt with. Garscube Harriers adopts the child protection policies of Scottish Athletics and UK Athletics  and our complaints procedure for junior members also adheres to these policies.

Who can make a complaint?

 Any club member.

How do you make a complaint?

Complaints can be made in writing by email or letter to the Club’s General Secretary. Alternatively a written complaint may be delivered in person to any member of the General Committee.

How will your complaint be dealt with?

You will receive a written acknowledgement from the club general secretary. This will include the date of the General Committee meeting at which your complaint will be raised.

Your complaint will be raised at the General Committee meeting following receipt of your complaint.

The committee may have to investigate your complaint. One of the committee will be nominated to investigate your complaint. This means that your complaint may not be resolved at the committee meeting at which it is raised.

You will receive a written response following the committee meeting to either explain the outcome of your complaint or to explain how it is being dealt with.

Once your complaint is dealt with, you will receive a written response to explain the outcome.

(Updated August 2017)