About the Junior Section

Garscube is a club mark accredited club and prides itself on the quality of coaching it provides to our junior athletes. We cater for young athletes from 9 years to 17 years. The club offers a fun range of events and the sessions are tailored to specific events from track and field to road running and cross country.  Our aim when young members join the club is to allow young athletes to experience the range of athletic events, hopefully leading to them specialising in one area. During this process they will be educated about the different areas involved in getting the best out of a training session.

Training: Junior members begin by attending our main training session is on a Tuesday at Garscube Sports Complex, West of Scotland Science Park, Maryhill Road, Glasgow. Training times are:

Junior Development – 18:30 – 19:15

Junior Endurance – 18:30 – 19:30

All athletes should wear suitable training shoes, running clothes and essentially a High Vis top or jackets to ensure that they are visible at dusk or in the dark.

We also have an extra running session for Junior Endurance athletes on a Thursday from 19:00 – 20:00.  There are some training sessions on other days in line with seasonal events.  You can read more about junior training here.

Membership: We welcome children from 9 years plus throughout the year as spaces become available. Our current training groups have to be able to absorb new athletes while still maintaining a best practice coach to athlete ratio.  Currently we have insufficient coaches to take on more younger athletes at this time and continue to ensure safe practice as well as providing the desirable coaching environment that we aim to achieve. Please note, however, that there is still space in some training groups for older athletes dependent on age group, ability and event.  Movement is always taking place within these groups and we continue to recruit coaches so please contact the club and register.

Please contact Laura Gray, Waiting List Secretary, to register your child at garscubelist@gmail.com

Please include the following information in your email; Child’s Name and Date of Birth, Parent/Carer Name and Contact Email address.

Our Membership Fees are found in the “Joining” Section under “Existing Members”.

New Junior Members will be placed in a group with members of a similar age/ability and will be welcome to attend for 4 weeks before paying a joining fee.

Club Clothing:  If you wish to purchase Garscube Harriers kit, this is available from PSL Team Sports. Items can be collected from the store in Hillington to save on delivery costs.

Competition and Progression:  We will encourage all our young athletes to enter races over both the winter and summer schedules taking in both Track and Cross Country events leading up to National Competitions.  All of our Junior athletes train in packs of similar abilities and the aim is to allow them to progress through the packs and eventually to integrate into the senior training sessions. Their progression will depend on their commitment /dedication to training.

Child Protection and Welfare: Child Protection is everyone’s responsibility, but if you require further information, please contact our Welfare Officer, Arlene Murdoch at garscubewelfare@gmail.com

Helping out in Garscube: Garscube Harriers requires volunteers to assist with current coaching, club support and competition. We are always in need of adult helpers to assist our coaches particularly in the younger training groups. There are also lots of other areas that we need your help with, for example team managers, registration sign in, race marshalling, etc.   If you are interested, please email garscubejuniordevelopment@gmail.com to find out how you can help out.

More Information: For more information please use the contact emails: